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My Canon Preset
  • My Canon Preset

    This preset was made to be used with Canon cameras as it uses a Canon picture profile in Lightroom. However, it isn’t too big of a difference when using Adobe Color and I sometimes change to Adobe Color if I like that profile more based on the image.

    • How to Install


      First, unzip the downloaded file. Next head over to Lightroom. Under the Preset Panel, click the + icon and select import presets. From there, choose the .xmp file from the unzipped folder. After importing you are ready to use the preset! If it does not appear immediately, close the Lightroom application and reopen.



      Transfer the .dng file to your phone. Import the .dng file into Lightroom Mobile. Open the .dng file in Lightroom Mobile as if you were going to edit the file. Click the button in the top right corner with three dots on it. Choose create preset. Name the preset and click the check mark. You are now ready to use the preset on Lightroom Mobile!


      If you have an issues with installing the preset, please reach out to me through my contact form and I will do my best to help you out.


      Thanks for purchasing!

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